Monday, June 28, 2021

The History of the Earth - in your Ear Holes

The most popular pre-order option for A (Very) Short History of Life On Earth appears to be the audiobook version from Audible

I have to say you are all very trusting, as I haven't recorded it yet. There are one or two technical hurdles to overcome, but all being well I have blocked out a week in July during which I shall read the whole thing. I'll be doing it at my home studio, Flabbey Road, where -- thanks to lockdown -- I have become quite adept at home recording. Over the past year I have produced two albums of my own here, and one in collaboration with your friendly neighbourhood guitar god, Adrian Thomas of the Voodoo Sheiks.

I'm hoping to add some music to the audiobook, with the help of Flabbey Road's latest acquisition, a Korg Nautilus workstation. This rather remarkable piece of kit will generate all sorts of cinematic backdrops and sound effects to keep you awake, despite the seemingly endless drone of my own voice.

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