In Translation

Translations of A (Very) Short History of Life On Earth are ongoing in several languages. For all translation rights inquiries, please email PanMacRights.

Dutch (Spectrum) - out now 




German (Hoffmann und Campe) - out now  


Italian (Einaudi) - out now

Italian (Mondolibri book club) - from September

Spanish -
 (Indicios) - out now

Portuguese (Bertrand Editora) - out now

Romanian (Trei) - available August 2022

Korean (Kachi) available July 2022

Japanese (Diamond) - 31 August 2022, pre-order here

Bahasa Indonesia (
Baca), pre-order here

Brazilian Portuguese (Fosforo

Chinese (simplified) (CITIC) 

Czech (Lingea)

Greek (Kaktos) - November 2022

Hungarian (Lingea)

Polish (Zysk I -S-ka Wydawnictwo) 

Russian (Azbooka Atticus) 

Slovakian (Lingea)

Turkish (Orenda

Ukrainian (Family Leisure Club

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