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- Friday 2 September 2022 -- Kumamoto University, 1400 Japan Time

-Wednesday 16 March 2022 -- Vanderbilt University, 3:10 Central. 

- Tuesday 7 December 2021 -- Alexandria Library, Alexandria VA, 7-8pm Eastern. Details here. If you missed it, you can catch up with it here.

- Saturday 6 November 2021,  1200 Pacific (2000 GMT), ZOOM talk at  Auntie's Bookstore, Spokane, and if you missed it, it's on YouTube.

- Wednesday 3 November 2021 - Radio Talk Europe, 1630 GMT,

- Thursday 23 September, 1930pm (BST) 2021 - Extinction: Then and Now. ZOOM lecture, East London & Essex Liberal Synagogue.


- Royal Society Science Book Prize Award Ceremony

- World Service News Hour (scroll to 38'51")

-- BBC Inside Science (scroll to 23'15")

- New Scientist podcast (scroll to about 18")

- Award announced in The Bookseller

- Interview in Japan (in Japanese)

- BBC Inside Science with Gaia Vince

- The Dinosaur Top Five with Tristan Hughes on The Ancients podcast

- Interview with Response Source Media

- Chat with Stephen Kelly in BBC Focus about dragons 

- Q&A with Janet Emson

- With Firebreathin' Rob

- Future Fossils with Michael Garfield

- Here I am on the Paleo Nerds podcast

- A History of Life in Five Pithy Minutes

- The Behavioral Grooves podcast

- Fascinating Nouns podcast

- Books over Drinks podcast


- Here I am on California Haunts Radio

- The Big Biology podcast

- Interview with John Maytham on Cape Talk 

- Interview with Indre Viskontas on Inquiring Minds

- Interview with Jim Mora on Radio New Zealand 

- Interview with George Noory on Coast-to-Coast AM

- A Very Very Short History of Highbrow Drivel

- Interview with Tristan Hughes on The Ancients.

- Five messages from A (Very) Short &c., from the Next Big Idea Club.

- Humans Are Doomed to Go Extinct - article in Scientific American.

- Interview with David McRaney on You Are Not So Smart.

- Interview with Guy Kawasaki on Remarkable People.

- Interview with Leonard Lopate on Leonard Lopate at Large.

- Excerpt on LitHub

- Interview with Shane Mauss on Here We Are

- Interview on the Tom Sumner Program

- Excerpt on The Big Think

- Interview with Matthew Crawford on The Curious Man's podcast

- Ask Science podcast; Episode 5 - Life's Last Bow

- Interview with Xavier Bonilla on Converging Dialogues

- Interview with Seth Chagi on World of Paleoanthropology.

- Ask Science podcast; Episode 4 - Standing Up for Sex

- An Encounter with Hysteria 51. Click here.

- Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following

- Ask Science podcast: Episode 3 - 'Dinosaurs in Flight'

- Ask Science podcast: Episode 2 - 'The Great Permian Catastrophe'

- Interview on Popular Science Books website.

Ask Science podcast: Episode 1 - 'A Song of Fire and Ice'

- Interview with Steven Kennedy in Macmillan Together magazine.

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